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NEW!! need help on a question
Posted on May 29,2013 9:10:01 PM GMT         SeaDoo Boats - General Question
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im looking at a 2000 Sea-Doo Sport Boats Speedster SK... dealership will sell it to me for 6500 with trailer and cover... its in good condition too is that a good deal you guys think?. i was wondering is this boat to light to be able to do water sports on the back of it such as wakeboarding. watersports is the main reason id be buying the boat. thank you

SeaDoo - 2000 - Speedster - Merc 210hp
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2000 Speedster SK Jun 1,2013 3:12:57 AM GMT

Should have a Merc motor, probably a 240 HP (injection) but could be a 210 Carburated model. It will handle the watersports, condition is everything
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2000 Speedster SK Jun 3,2013 3:38:36 AM GMT

I think that one has the Mercury 210hp engine in it. If its in great condition then I'd say go for it. But check to make sure everything is in working condition (storage latches work, seat swivels work, jet pump is in good shape with no gouges in the ware ring).

Also look at the condition of the trailer, the one they come with is a piece of crap. We had to replace the fenders 3 times because they kept flying off on the freeway. We also went through 2 sets of buddy bearings before learning that our axel was bent way out of alignment. In the end, we had to just buy a new trailer from Trail Rite because the one that came with the boat was just too dangerous to trust.

Our 2000 Speedster has been a great boat, the only thing that is showing it's age is the upholstery—which Sea Doo stopped making years ago—so you'd be on your own fixing the seats if there is any damage or ware.

It will pull just about anything you can put into a tube or on a board. Also, I'd recommend getting the place diverter trim system, it changed the whole personality of our boat for the better and really improves the shape of the wake for water sports.
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SK watersports Jun 4,2013 3:19:07 AM GMT

The whole idea of the SK version of the Speedster was for watersports. The only difference, though, was the bow storage area and the beefier ski pylon. The boat pulls up wakeboarders and skiers just fine. However there's not much wake if you want any air from a wakeboard, and an aggressive slalom skier can easily yank the stern off course, causing the driver to correct back and forth. All that being said, I used to have one and it was a very fun boat.
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